At this time I am accepting new clients for the 2013 road season. Please e-mail me to inquire about availability at

Sports History: 

My endurance sports career spans over twenty years. I began competitive swimming when I was seven years old, started running as a freshman in high school, and transitioned to triathlon shortly thereafter (shameless pun, I know). After several seasons as a serious Olympic-distance triathlete, I was introduced to road bicycle racing, and I've been a committed student of the sport ever since. After graduating from college I raced full-time for the Hagens Berman Elite Cycling Team, from 2006 through 2010. For the last two years, I've been on Team Exergy based out of Boise, Idaho. I've raced in the Tour of California, Tour of Utah, and the USA Pro Cycling Challenge, along with most of the events on the NRC calendar.

I still ride for the Exergy Professional Cycling Team, and look forward to more racing around the country and around the globe. 

Coaching Methods:

As a coach, I bring a wealth of experience to the table: I have years of practice using both heart-rate-based and power-based training techniques. I know what it's like to suffer, and then recover from, a serious injury (I broke my pelvis in 2003 and tore my shoulder in 2004). I trained and raced all through college, so I know how to fit high-quality training into a busy schedule. I've coached a wide range of clients, from juniors to masters, cat 5's to cat 1's, cyclocross racers to triathletes, men and women alike. 

The principles of effective training and racing are easy to understand. The difficulty lies in applying those relatively simple principles to a busy, complicated, and unpredictable life. A season of bicycle racing is like walking a tightrope, narrowly balancing your athletic schedule with the rest of your life. On one side, there's the danger that you won't train enough (or hard enough) to achieve the gains you desire. On the other side lies the risk of over-training, burnout, or injury. You have to take the steps yourself, but as your coach, I can provide you with a balance-bar to help steady your footing on that tightrope. 

I maintain personal relationships with all of my clients throughout the season via regular e-mail and phone contact. It would be my job to stay both informed of your performance, and invested in your progress. As my client, you'd get much more than a training plan; you'd get me in "your corner," sharing my experience, my guidance, and my support. Together we can keep you advancing towards your goals in a balanced and healthy way.