Cycling Sites: 

Cyclingnews -- big time coverage of the worlds biggest races.

VeloNews -- big time coverage of the worlds biggest races, plus articles from Leonard Zinn!

Podium In Sight -- excellent pictures and coverage of the USA's biggest races.

Oregon Cycling Action -- amazingly well done coverage of cycling in Oregon.

Wheels In Focus -- photos of races in Washington.

BikeSnob NCY -- funny blogging from the now famous Snob. Fixie haters welcome.

Missing Saddle -- an aggregator of the pros' blogs and tweets.

VeloBios -- a site containing info on all the riders signed to American of Canadian professional teams, as well as any racers racing for foreign professional teams.

SteepHill.TV -- a good source for streaming video footage of top level races.

Cycle University -- the premiere cyclist training center in the Northwest, providing instruction to all levels of cyclists, from total beginners to professional racers. Cycle U's staff is knowledgeable, caring, and invested in your success. With two locations in the Seattle area (West Seattle, and Sand Point north of the University), Cycle U is ready to help you reach your goals.

Bison Blogs: 

If you like GliderBison, here are some other blogs you might enjoy:

Team Exergy's News -- the official news page from Team Exergy

Ben "bone-chomper" Chaddock -- my teammate on Exergy, and fellow Whitman College alumnus.

Erik Slack -- also my teammate on Exergy, back from a long season of racing in France.

Adrian "the hunky hungarian" Hegyvary -- former teammate on Hagens Berman, now crushing it around the world with the United Healthcare Pro Cycling Team.

Lang Reynolds -- former teammate, and fellow Cycle U coach.

Whitman College Cycling Team -- three cheers for the best collegiate team in the Northwest!

Ryan "el Mammoth" Parnes -- anyone who chooses to associate himself with a prehistoric pachyderm is ok in my book. Ryan should have lots to blog about as he'll be setting off to England to race for the Raleigh Pro cycling team.

more to come...

News and Politics: 

Stay informed and stay involved.

NYTimes -- read the news people!

Huffington Post -- a new model for journalism in the 21st century.

DailyKos -- home of the progressive left.

FiveThirtyEight -- election forecasting done right.

Bob Cesca's Blog -- I've been following Mr. Cesca since the 2008 election, and still find his opinions valuable. Keep up the great work Bob.

The Daily Show -- from peripheral jokester, to powerful voice in the national dialogue, I find Jon Stewart's efforts to restore sanity to politics extremely admirable (albeit difficult).


Because life is better when you dance.

KEXP -- the best radio station on the planet. Free streaming broadcasts, exclusive concerts daily, kick-ass in every way. KEXP is a shining beacon of what radio can and should be: fearsomely independent, and all about the music. -- home of some of the coolest music on the internet, spanning every genera, and focused much more on quality than glitz. -- so much music. Too bad they're not giving as much of it away for free.

Hype Machine -- a killer music blog aggregator, soaking up the best tunes from music blogs around the world and putting them in one spot.

more to come...