Monday, February 25, 2008


It finally happened! I never thought the stars would align themselves with such perfection, but i was wrong. I finally raised enough extra money to afford a $15 memory stick reader the very same weekend a house mate and I decided to drive to the Fred Meyer near the mall (where all the large electronic stores are located). Thus, to celebrate my newfound ability to transfer photos from my camera to the internet, I'll share a bit of my race weekend:

See? I wasn't kidding -- I really was in Arizona!

This is my team mate Ross, and the deathtrap-gasguzzler of a truck we used to get around.

There's me enjoying a "call-up" at the crit.
There's David Clinger looking menicing.
Crit racin'.


INDIA.ARI said...

i like to read your blog because it is nearly the exact opposite of my life. and we're weirdos in pretty different ways. it works out well, huh?

Mandel said...

I like to read your blog to reinforce my literacy.

Perhaps a Parrot said...

As you all can see, reading my blog is good for at least two (and possibly many more) reasons.

clalexander said...

is that you on the podium? sweet!