Saturday, February 21, 2009

Things I Like

Here are some things I like:


I like how David Byrne has been popping up everywhere! Here he is on a track with the Dirty Projectors -- killer song: catchy and mesmerizing. There he goes on a collaboration with Dizzee Rascal and Fatboy Slim in a bizarre band called the Bright Port Authority.
Hilarious no?
He's a cyclist, and that's sweet. He's designed and built bike racks in New York, he's been a major proponent of cycling legislation, and supposedly he's coming out with a book this year called Cycling Diaries about his experiences cycling around various cities around the world.
Here's his recent compilation with Chali 2na, Gift of the Gab, and Z-Trip.

I also like how Antony, from Antony and the Johnsons is lending his warbling voice to many a fortunate artist or group. Here he is with Hercules and Love Affair in a track called Blind.

This video rocks. It's my favorite song from Hercules and Love Affair -- there's something so dirty about it. I'm not sure exactly what's going on here, but I'm pretty sure it's very perverted, and very hot. Here's another one with them called You Belong:

Here he is with Bjork (who, in my book, if you're doing a Bjork collaboration, you're "made it.")


Know what else I like, but am somewhat ashamed to admit it [I'm going to do so here for therapeutic reasons]? I like the Fox TV show So You Think You Can Dance, and I'm PUMPED for season 5. This show is so legit -- compared to other flim-flam dance shows (Dancing With The Stars, or America's Next Top Dance Crew for example) -- it's so legit. For those who aren't familiar, here's how it works:

Anyone can audition. [Note: there is an audition in Seattle on March 28th and I've been practicin' my steps] The show gives 200 dancers a trip to LA to see who's got what it takes to make the top 20. Once they've whittled it down, the top 20 are paired up and asked to dance with a random partner, and in a random style each week. The judges and audience gradually eliminate the weakest dancers until a single winner is determined. The cool part is that the dancers are all extremely good, but come from wildly different dance backgrounds. Some of them are trained ballerinas, others come from a ballroom background, and some are completely untrained street dancers. It's so much fun to watch the B-Boys struggle to maintain their ballroom frame, and the ballerinas pop and lock worse than a snake dancing to Yanni (??--I dunno -- snakes really can't pop and lock, and Yanni is really hard to pop and lock to). It's like if Step Up 2 The Streets and Strictly Ballroom had a baby, and then Center Stage and a Save the Last Dance also had a baby, and then those two somehow met eachother and FUCKED and also had a baby -- ONLY BETTER 'CUZ IT'S REAL!!!

Betcha didn't know I'm a closet dance fan -- well the secret's out.

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