Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Final Few Photos From the Dairyland

When in Milwaukee you GOTTA try the frozen custard! 
It was a hot race that day (TOAD stage 5). Temperature: 96 degrees. Heat index (with humidity): 115 degrees.
Aaron and that day's WINNER, Ryan Parnes. 
This is a little gross: they set up a pool to immerse people who were suffering from heat stroke, but it was so hot, cyclists were simply hopping in there to cool off. NOTE: this guy just rode 80 miles, in 115 degree heat, and he's still wearing his bibs. I also don't think he's the first guy to "use the pool." 

The beautiful art museum in Milwaukee. 

I have no idea what to say about the giant motorized shopping cart.....
...I will complement it's choice of fuel tank. Very Milwaukee. 

Coming around the final turn, TOAD, stage 4. Manitowoc, WI. 


So long TOAD -- you kicked my ass, and broke my spirits all together. Wait -- make that nearly broke my spirits. 

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