Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back in Boise! Hangin' in the Service Course.

Well the winds of next season have blown me back to Boise. Here I am, in the land of potatoes, starting my life as a professional cyclist in earnest. I'm surprised how different I feel, considering so little has really changed. My life will, for most intents and purposes, be very similar to the one I've lived these last several years. I'm still going to be scraping by financially. I'll still be going to (many of the) same races. I'm still going to be working hard, and giving it my all -- however, my perception is wildly different. I'll send you over to this blog, written by a professional distance runner, which does a good job summing up the difference that an attitude can make.

Right now, I'm chilling out here:

Yes, that's the view from the inside of the team's Service Course.

This is what we're doing today (read the name on there):
Sorting goodies. I don't get to use most of this stuff until our sponsor orientation at the end of the month, but here's some of the treats I get to look forward to:
Casual clothing from Castelli. Sweet!  And these bad boys:

Holy shit these things are nice. Bont -- thank you. These will be my first new shoes since 2008! Here are my current shoes (hand me downs from Adrian Hegyvary -- he used these in 2009, and I used them last year):

The internet is wonderful, and it allows us to do many amazing things, like send you an image of my shoes -- fortunately for you, however, one thing the internet does NOT do, is transfer the smell of my shoes too. When I take these bad boys off they smell exactly like cat urine. Exactly. Like. Cat. Urine. I can't express how excited I am to get new shoes, especially ones that smell like new shoes.



Martin Criminale said...

Cat urine. Hahahaha... Seriously, don't they make some great products to alleviate or at least mitigate that kind of thing?

Adrian Hegyvary said...

Ummmm Sam remember that really rainy day at Elkhorn that one year when we discovered we didn't need to stop for NOBODY, not even nature?

Perhaps a Parrot said...

Martin, I have tried HARD to get rid of that smell. I soaked them in Oxy-Clean, and sprayed them with this enzymatic odor remover (designed for cat urine) -- no dice. They're still foul. The strange thing is that my feet don't stink, nor do any of my other shoes.

Adrian, I figured as much -- however, your shoes were still in far better shape (including smell-shape) than mine were, so thanks again for the hand me downs. You want them back?