Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tell me....

Question: Why, from an evolutionary perspective, do our buttholes come equipped with little sensors that tell us when we've eaten spicy food?

Sub question: Can the age-old New Mexican adage "good chile burns twice" apply to a horribly botched attempt at the Master Cleanse?

Thirty-six hours of consuming nothing more than lemon juice, grade-B maple syrup, and what can only be described as a "heroic dose" of cayenne pepper, was enough to convince me that more of my blog readers should have chimed in with comments to my previous post on the matter. Where was the love? Where was the goddam intervention? People, from now on, friends don't let friends do the Master Cleanse, m'kay?


clalexander said...


Um, why oh why would you ever?

Anonymous said...

I had had a crappy day. And then I read this.. and laughed till I cried, thanks :)