Monday, September 24, 2007

What's with these chefs...

So after watching an afternoon of the Food Network, I've concluded that this channel is a sexist institution. Well, that might be a stretch, but at the very least our sexist culture is clearly exemplified by the Food Channel's choices for the hosts of its shows. After nearly eight straight hours of food channel viewing (YES I'M PATHETIC), I didn't notice a single unattractive female host: Rachel Ray is really hot, and she loves to cook chocolate sauce in her bra. Naughty Rachel, naughty! Ingrid Hoffman is a total goddess with great cleavage, and when she's cooking she tends to stare into the camera with a piercing and lusty gaze. I have no idea what she cooked, or how she cooked it, but I think she's totally into me. See for yourself.

The male hosts of the Food Network aren't nearly as hot. I mean, they're not repulsive; sure Emeril is a little overweight, but he's still got all his hair, and he's charming in the Elvis-in-his-later-years kind of way.
Wolfgang Puck is a fairly attractive man for his age, but he was born in the 40's for crying out loud! Judging by my unofficial research conducted on google images, the demand for pictures of these guys in their underwear isn't nearly as high as it is for their female counterparts. And that's just wrong America, just plain wrong. Until I can just as easily find pictures of Iron Chef's Rokusaburo Michiba wearing a speedo, I'm pissed.

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