Friday, October 10, 2008


Aaron Mandel is on his way. Yes, that's right, Aaron Mandel of TheMonstro blog fame is ON HIS WAY TO NEW MEXICO!!!! He'll be dropping in on Halloween (5 days before the election) -- just as I'm about to drop dead. He will be a much needed injection of energy into the final few days of this awesome campaign. Aaron, I'm psyched.


Matt Weyen said...

How are things looking down there? Seeing more blue supporters? New Mexico typically votes a little more democratic right?

Perhaps a Parrot said...

Matt, New Mexico is a true battleground state. In 2000, it was so close they had to recount three times, and finally the state went to Gore by 300 votes. In 2004 it went to Bush by under 2,000 votes. So far, it's going well for us (we're like 5% up in the polls), but there's still 14% undecided, and we've got a long way to go in this election. Thanks for the props on your blog.