Friday, October 17, 2008

He Makes a Good Point...

To quote my good friend Bob:

We have the best candidate we've had in 50 years. He is also the best qualified person for this moment. He has the endorsement of major and minor newspapers across the nation. He is up in the polls. He has won all three debates.


He is competing against people with no honor, no shame, no fairness, no regard for laws. They are robocalling. They are getting voters thrown off rolls. They have Diebold on their side. They are the worst of the worst.

We underestimate them at our peril.

Volunteer. Donate. Get involved. We have 17 days.

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The Mole said...

The Country ITSELF is at stake AS NEVER BEFORE! DON'T SLACK OFF NOW, THE RETHUGLICANS HAVE LOTS OF TRICKS! We're EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US gonna have to TURN OUT (with a friend too!) to take the majority vote (as Gore did) AND beat their rigged voting machines and crooked vote-registrars too! Or we'll end up with another GWBUSH! NOW IS THE TIME!