Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bicycle, I Have Not Forsaken You.

Hello my dearest. It’s been a while. I know things have been different recently; we haven’t been spending as much time together, my thoughts focused on other things. Burningman was a good idea – we both agree about that. You were so understanding when I told you I was headed to New Mexico to work on the campaign; the season came to a close, and we needed a break, both of us. After that, I imagine you assumed, as I did, that we would be getting back together in November, just like we did last year. But I couldn’t have anticipated the opportunity that opened itself up to me. Now that I’ve chosen to travel to Mexico and Central America on a school bus until January, I understand if you’re worried about my commitment to you, to us. Well let me make myself clear: when I return from this trip, I will devote myself to you with a focus and passion like you’ve never seen. These activities (Burningman, the campaign, TEMA) have given me great perspective about the life we lead, and if anything have strengthened my resolve to continue building our relationship. There are those who said traveling would set me back, would limit my progress, my development. I intend to prove those people wrong. We will improve next year. Dramatically. Don’t misunderstand me, I am being realistic; starting my training later will alter the arc of my fitness. My best races might not be in February, or even April. But then again, I might not have the floor drop out from underneath me in July like it did last year. We won’t be able to communicate much over the next two months; I need to focus on my current experience. But do not doubt my return.

Do not doubt my return.

Today we head to Mexico.

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