Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Seattle, Don't Be So Coy

So I'm here in Seattle, and I'm jobless. While my recent travels through Mexico have left me well prepared for this situation (the limits of what I'd call edible now greatly expanded, along with what I'd call expensive), I can't live for free (or even close to it). If I want to continue enjoying things like a roof, electricity, or indoor plumbing, I'm going to have to pay rent (or something similar) in the near future. Seeing as how I've grown rather attached to these modern conveniences over the last twenty-five years, a fact that was recently highlighted by my trip to Mexico, I must find a way to earn money. Fast. So far my attempts to prostitute myself, to sell my organs, and to panhandle by riding a trainer on the street downtown haven't made me a rich man -- people just didn't find my watts-at-threshold nearly as impressive as the guy spray-painted to look like a statue. Either that or my watts at threshold just ain't what they used to be.

My search has been two pronged: first I've been looking for more cabinetry work. Over a year ago, my job at Sustainabuilt practically fell in my lap. I wasn't qualified when I started, but after 4 months of working in Brad's shop, I now have enough of a foundation (or at least the audacity) to go looking for another carpentry job. I would pounce on the opportunity to build cabinets again, but unfortunately, the economy being what it is, that's not looking terribly likely -- especially since I'm still only able to commit to a part-time job due to my crack-habit/cycling commitment.

My other brilliant idea is to work in a coffee shop. Yeah, that's right, I want to be a barista. Getting paid to drink coffee, listen to cool music, and flirt with girls sounds like a pretty reasonable job to me. I've thus far been unsuccessful in landing that perfect barista job, but then again, my search has been limited to the coffee shops within a one-minute walk from my house. All seven of them. But I've got high hopes and all of the 80,000 Seattle coffee shops to apply at. One of them's sure to take the bait, right?



andrew said...

I need to re-model my laundry room and the wife wants to take out a closet, install new countertops, and put in cabinets. What sort of rates are you thinking...?

Perhaps a Parrot said...

Andrew, sounds like quite the project. Perhaps you could e-mail me with more details about what you're looking to do:

Calvin said...

Sam - you're obviously skilled in the arts... not the black arts, more like writing/design/creative process. You might hunt around for this sort of gig:
Good luck.