Friday, September 11, 2009

Big Big Ouch

Today Krogg have big big ouch from team time trial. Adrian much stronger caveman, and for first time in Krogg's life, Krogg on the receiving end of stronger riders in TTT. We start good, but before long, we down to only three riders -- minimum number for finish today -- oh no....Krogg start to have bad pain in legs, ouch ouch ouch! ADRIAN, YOU GO TO FAST OUCH!!!!! SLOW DOWN PLEASE HOLYSHITTHISISWAYTOOFAST

Then Krogg remember all those times in college when he smash teammates legs into pulp in TTT and have no mercy -- for all those times, Krogg now understand receiving end of this scenario.

Adrian once again have good race report -- him deserve all camera time he get.

Also, interested parties can see re-cast of race at this place.

UPDATE: apparently we got 6th place. not bad. I know their A-squads are all at Missouri, but it still feels good to stick it to teams like OUCH and Kelly.

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colin said...

hoop! come make us bleed over in walla walla. we ready for ya!! (as ready as we will be)