Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Friend Adrian Wins Bike Races On Command

Here's the recap of last week: 

Tuesday I was introduced to the bizarre world of the weekly series at the Pacific Raceways. We raced for about an hour around a motor race track; three fields chasing each other 'round and 'round at the same time. It was pretty silly. The super long straight aways combined with the gentle wind, and huge, curiously negative field made it impossible to get away. I tried and tried, but to no avail. 

Thursday we raced the weekly Seward Park crit. I went up the road with Adrian and two other guys. Adrian took a hard pull and one of the other guys opened up a gap. Nobody closed it, and then the other guys marked me back to the field. Rats. Adrian, won with ease. 

Friday I raced my final night in the cat 3's at the track. I got smoked in the Keirin, but I had a helluva time walloping everyone in the miss-n-out and the Scratch race (which now makes me the men's category 3 Scratch Race STATE CHAMPION! -- SUCK IT WASHINGTON!!!!).

Saturday was the final installment of the our club's three race series, the Lake Washington Velo Circuit Race Series. Hagens Berman laid down one our most dominant performances in recent history, taking first (Adrian), second (Lang), third (Wingfield), fifth (Nick), sixth (Aaron), eighth (yours truly), and tenth (Benny). That's 7 in the top ten people. Adrian spend more than half the race off the front solo. We stacked five guys into a seven man chase group, and Benny took second in the field sprint. Boo yeah. That's how we do!

Sunday was some sort of bizarre replay of thursday, another crit at Seward park. Our previous day's success perhaps bred a touch of over-confidence. I went up the road with two other guys, but my teammates kept trying to bridge up to the move. I was pretty confident I had the race signed and paid for, but to my horror, a fast charging Kenny Williams (leading the field) came powering past me into the final corner on the last lap. Our greed was our undoing. 

NOW's off to Vermont for the Green Mountain Stage Race. I'll try to take some photos. Goof. GOOF GOOF GOOF. 

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