Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Few More Pics From Agoura Hills...

These are just too nice not to share. First, a little post-ride time in the sun. More like this please:

Next, some yummy dinner: BBQ chicken, tabouli, salad, and stuffed bell peppers! Yum! As you can see, Lang and Sean approve:

Next, this might be on my short list of best breakfasts of the year: oatmeal loaded with fruit and nuts, a bagel with cream cheese, red onions and lox, a glass of OJ, and a nice frothy cappuccino.

Here we are on our final ride in Agoura Hills. Joe hates it when I post pictures of him next to larger riders, making him look like he's 3 feet tall. So here's a picture of Joe riding next to Big Jim. Oops.

Finally, I don't think I full captured the amazing pool that our hosts are almost finished building. This thing will make the cover of magazines, mark my words. It's an infinity pool (one where the water is allowed to fall over the edge of the pool, making a perfect, uninterrupted interface between the background and the water), so imagine this thing with water in it, and gorgeous reflections on its surface.

Oh yeah, and did I mention there's a hot tub?
Lastly, here's a view of the pool from below, with the house and pool room in the background:

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