Wednesday, March 17, 2010

HB Team Camp Day #2

Here we go: day two of the HB team camp in Agoura Hills, CA. Our director Joe Holmes made a phone call, and we met up with our riding partner for the day: Ivan Dominguez. 

Ivan Dominguez, when climbing up the steepest part of the climb: "no more questions please."

More PCH.

Another beautiful day!

We stopped for coffee in Malabu. Apparently we saw somebody named Johnny Drama from something called Entourage there. Ivan was really excited by this. "Look -- there goes Johnny Drama from Entourage," Ivan says.

Ivan is a big twitter user. He tweeted roughly 700 times on todays ride. Ivan was full of wisdom: "cycling isn't just about racing bikes."

Papadominguez: @HBCycling you guys are totally dropping me right now! 

Joe Holmes also tweeted non-stop: 
HBCycling: @papadominguez don't worry Ivan, we'll wait for you at the top. 

Ivan took a picture for us at the top of the climb. Joe Holmes: "we don't want a picture with you in it Ivan." Ivan Dominguez: "it's ok, google my name -- I think you'll find a few." 

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