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A little less than a year ago, I wrote about how the Dragon Capsule would mark a new chapter in space flight, one where NASA hires private companies to launch its vehicles into space. Instead of paying the Russians, NASA will utilize America companies that pay American workers, and will save a bunch of money in the process. If I'm not mistaken, Space X (the company responsible for the Dragon Capsule) just hauled a bunch of crap into outer space for much cheaper than the shuttle program ever did. So far, the Dragon Capsule has functioned perfectly, launching into orbit, docking with the ISS, and delivering its payload without incident. This is just the beginning of the private space industry -- Virgin Galactic's Spaceship Two is almost ready to start ferrying millionaires around the cosmos. Gooooooo SPACE!

Exergy Tour! 
Yesterday I went down to the Exergy Tour's opening prologue. Most of the time, I don't really get to appreciate the atmosphere at a race; I'm too preoccupied with the task at hand: putting on clothing, applying sun screen, talking tactics, etc. Let me tell you -- it was delightful to simply be a spectator at a bike race. This time I got to enjoy the expo! I wandered around, sampled energy bars, and thanked some of our sponsors. I got to schmooze in the VIP tent where I overheard Boise's mayor thanking Exergy's CEO profusely ("James, this is awesome!"). I got to gawk at the riders, the vehicles, and the bikes as they prepared to race. Best of all -- I got to dress in a costume and hoot and holler at the racers as they went by!
For once, I was the weirdo wearing a costume yelling at people in spandex (instead of the weirdo wearing spandex getting yelled at by people in costumes). Obviously, yesterday's results were overshadowed by Kristin Armstrong's crash, but despite that awful accident, the event was a smashing success. The weather, the fans, the course (which was by far the most scenic prologue course they could have picked) -- all of it was fantastic. Honestly, it was tough to get on my plane this morning; I was totally swept up with Exergy Tour fever!
Super fan
Thanks Podium Insight for the photos! 

US Proooooooooooo
Right now I'm on an airplane headed to the US Pro Cycling Championships in Greenville, SC. Somewhere out there lies a red white and blue jersey with Exergy's name on it. I'm not sure if ya'll were paying attention, but did you SEE Freddie Rodriguez at the Tour of California? The guy was riding out of his gourd! He flogged himself relentlessly just to build the kind of fitness he knew he's need at this race (soft-pedal the TT? groupetto up Mt. Baldy? NO WAY! Fred rode for time!). He is absolutely flying right now, and I'm so proud to take the line in support of his quest for a fourth national title. Freddie Rodriguez. Hell yeah.

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