Friday, June 29, 2012


EVERYBODY -- SOMETHING IMPORTANT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TOMORROW! Apparently somewhere deep inside a cave in the heart of the Swiss alps, there's a group of secretive cloaked figures who keep the world's time. They meter it out like a dam meters out the flow of a reservoir. For most of our lives, the flow has been consistent, reliable, and fixed. Seven days in a week. Sixty minutes in an hour. Well not tomorrow. Tomorrow, June 30th, the time keepers are opening up the valve just a hair more than usual: tomorrow has an extra second!

Read about it here, nonbelievers:

There are two things I must bring up. First, and I can't stress this enough, DO SOMETHING GOOD WITH YOUR SECOND! Make a wish, kiss a lover, slap a face, howl at the moon -- something, anything, but make it count! 

This leads me to my second point: if the time keepers can give time, they can take it away too! You must take full advantage of this extra time because who knows what adjustments they'll make next! What if they shut things off to a mere trickle. Imagine: "FROM HENCE FORTH, THERE SHALL BE TEN SECONDS IN A DAY -- NO MORE, NO LESS!" Good luck getting your taxes in on time -- April is only like two hours away!

Here's a video clip showing what you can do in a second. Enjoy:

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cycloid said...

I think they added some seconds to your TT Thursday —MAYBE YOU CAN GET THEM BACK!