Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Making the Tough Choices

Over the last two days I made a difficult decision. I decided to cancel my trip out to Boise. This means I will not be racing in the Boise Twilight Criterium in front of a home town crowd, I will not get to help my teammate Cooper storm to victory, I will not be seeing Dark Knight on opening night (my friends got me tickets), I will not get to soak in the hot springs for a night, nor will I get to see my dad, stepmom, sister, or numerous friends who live in Boise. DANG!

Why would I choose NOT to do all these fun things? Well, the answer is simple: my desire to have fun is outweighed my by desire to achieve my goals. Driving upwards of twenty hours for a 90 minute race, especially one that isn't my specialty, just doesn't make sense. I've got only a precious few chances remaining to attract the kind of attention needed to move up a rank in this sport. The Boise Twilight Crit is unfortunately not one of those chances. Elite National TT Championships is.

So I'm staying in Seattle. I'm going to rest until I'm recovered from Cascade. Then I'm going to train with as much focus and precision as I can. Once my legs have been honed to their sharpest, I'm going Orange Country where I will have a killer race. Or so the plan goes.

I still want to see Dark Knight on opening night. Anyone in Seattle got an extra ticket?

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Ali said...

I think there are still tickets here.