Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Not to Beat a Dead Horse....

So Velonews recently came out with an article about how Damiano Cunego got a tattoo that says "I'm doping free". Naturally, BikeSnobNYC pounced on the news, bringing to my attention the following logo found on Cunego's "I'm Doping Free" website:
Now I sincerely hope Damiano's winking emoticon is simply a gross oversight. Please. Please let Damiano Cunego merely be a humongous fuckign idiot -- yes, a colossal moron who somehow failed to recognize the earth-shatteringly obvious problem with having his logo wink. Of all the possible interpretations of a wink, NONE of them leave me feeling convinced Damiano's being fully honest with his statement. To quote wikipedia: A wink is a form of semi-formal communication, which indicates shared, unspoken knowledge.

Maybe, as BikeSnob points out, Damiano is implying there's missing information: I'm doping [for] free.

Or missing punctuation: I'm doping, free!

The wink could suggest it's the timing that's ironic: I'm doping free [as opposed to the rest of my career -- talk about doping!].

Perhaps the wink is a stand-in for a "not" joke: I'm doping free -- [NOT!].

Winks often contain sexual undertones: I'm doping free [so the chances of my carrying an unknown STD due to a recent autologous blood transfusion is extremely low -- by the way, I love that blouse].

Whatever the reason for the wink -- whether it's a toddler-like failure to understand why grown-ups blink with only one eye, a brash, nose-thumbing disregard for the plight of modern cycling, or a previously undiagnosed case of severe mental retardation in one of the world's top cyclists -- I'm just glad Damiano Cungeo is doing his part to clean up the sport.

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