Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Here I Go A-City Hopping...

Here I go a-city hopping
Here I go, yippee
I'll start my day in Santa Fe
But end it by the sea.

My first stop is Seattle
That shiny Emerald City
But won't be long 'fore I am gone
It's really quite the pity.

I'll head my way South to Portland
One of my favorite places to play
But before the rain can make me insane
I'll pack up and be on my way.

Next I'll head east and inland
To the fine little town of Boise
I'll be in the state of the 208
And I'll stay 'til it gets too noisy

Last on my list is a doosie--
I'll attend my mother's Thanksgiving
She lives in Pratt, and I can't believe that
A place I never dremt she'd be living.

And that should conclude my travels
Unless it is just the beginning
If things go my way, in Pratt I won't stay
For a spot on that bus I'll be winning.


Sterling said...


colin said...

bad news, sam. i just ran gliderbison through the gender analyzer (www.genderanalyzer.com), and it came back 54% chance that you're a woman. i'm guessing its the Krog entries.

Perhaps a Parrot said...

God dammit, I knew all those entries about breeding guinea pigs could come back to bight me in the ass.