Thursday, November 13, 2008

To Keep Everyone Informed: HAGENS BERMAN '09!

HAGENS BERMAN 2009 BABY!!!! That's right--I shopped around; I weighed my options; I even test-rode some other team's bikes -- but NOTHING fit as well, felt as good, or fired me up as much as the team I already ride for, Hagens Berman.

These guys have taken care of me for the last three years. I've been with them since I was a wet-behind-the-ears cat 2. Every year, after my attempts to get onto a pro team didn't succeed, I've taken a good look at my possibilities, and always come to the same conclusion: there's no amateur team I'd rather be riding for. Hagens Berman has grown as a program as I've grown as a rider, and I feel like 2009 will be our best year yet. Thanks to everyone at HB, and here to a successful next season!

Here are some pictures of my teammate Lang Reynolds and me riding around northern New Mexico. Enjoy:


Dirk said...

Glad to hear it Sam! And yes, we will kick ass this year.

colin said...

aw shit. you and me gonna be like bubb rubb and lil' sis. YOU know what I'm talkin' about.

Sterling said...

camel rock. can't fool me.