Monday, January 18, 2010

Avatar Part Deux

Yesterday Krogg go to see Avatar 3D for second time in theaters. Let's review movies Krogg view multiple times in theaters:


Krogg see Matrix multiple times in theater because holy shit, what if Matrix REAL man? Matrix totally blow Krogg's mind. Krogg also teenager, and it 1990's, so Krogg's mind easily blown wide open by all kinds of stuff. Weezer, Nerds Rope, and Half-Life all have same effect on Krogg. In retrospect, Matrix still good movie, Half-Life good video game, and Weezer good music. Nerds Rope on the other hand, slightly overrated. Three out of four ain't bad.

Star Wars Episode 1:

Krogg see Star Wars multiple times in theater -- four times in row ON OPENING DAY NO LESS!! Krogg and friends expect Star Wars Episode 1 to be really good, so Krogg and friends buy tickets to Thursday night (midnight) sneak peek, and ditch school next day to see Star Wars three times on opening day. Krogg wait in line for tickets for hours. Krogg dress in costume. Krogg mind boggled by how bad movie is. Krogg hated movie after first viewing, but still, Krogg paid good money for those tickets, so Krogg sat through all four cripplingly bad showings of movie. Krogg mind still boggled. Krogg eternally scarred from this trauma.

Krogg also grateful to this video for showing exactly why Episode 1 so bad.

If you HATE Phantom Menace like Krogg does, Krogg highly recommend watching all seven parts of this review. Cathartic. But first two are best. Here second one:


Krogg totally amazed by Avatar. Krogg really really want to go to Pandora. Krogg want to live with the Na'vi, hunt six legged antelopes with poison dipped arrows, climb glowing trees in the nighttime, and ride giant flying lizard. Avatar speaks to Krogg in ways Krogg not fully understand. Krogg started attending bi-weekly Avatar support group. Krogg and others like Krogg dress in blue paint, and stick our pony-tails into light sockets. It helping. A little.


Ryan D said...

I saw it today at 9:30AM by god. It rocked...where is this support group?

Perhaps a Parrot said...

We meet on Thursday nights in the arboretum. Being the following: fake ears, blue paint, and glow sticks (we crack them open and splatter the liquid on the forest).

goneskiian said...

Great stuff Sammy!

Those are cathartic. I feel much better, thanks. Lucas really did F up star wars didn't he?

I need to see Avatar again too. In real IMAX not some IMAX light. Granted I haven't tried IMAX light yet, but if I'm going to pay for IMAX I want the real thing. Then again, that's another rant all together isn't it?


Perhaps a Parrot said...

Any chance you need company? I have yet to see it on real IMAX (or fake IMAX for that matter)...

LAV said...

you know what's funny? when I watched avatar I totally was reminded of you. It seemed like a sam kind of world.

Perhaps a Parrot said...