Monday, January 25, 2010

Cycling Blog Roundup

So there's some new kids on the cycling-blogosphere block. In truth, not all of them are so new, but they're new for me. Regardless, here ya go:

Twisted Spoke: this guy has been on a tear recently. His comical, cynical take on pro cycling is highly enjoyable. However, he's been posting every day, which does not bode well. As seasoned heavyweights of the cycling blogosphere like BikeSnobNYC know, adaptations are made during the rest/recovery phase. Guys who post this much are almost certainly doomed to burnout, but we'll enjoy his flash in the pan while it lasts.

As The Toto Turns: this webcomic totally skewers pro cycling, embracing it, lampooning it, and parading it, in all its soap-operatic glory. It's mostly only funny to people like me who read CyclingNews on a daily basis, and sometimes the comics miss the mark, but when Schmaltzy hits one, he hits it out of the park.

Podium Insight: I'm so happy to see this blog thriving. How this little, one-woman blog manages to break stories faster and better than giants like VeloNews and CyclingNews is beyond me. I also love the North American focus, and the large amount of attention given to women's racing. Thanks Lyne -- keep it up, and hopefully you can interview me some day soon about the races I've won.


Lyne said...

thanks! heck I'll say hi to you even if you don't win a race!

See you on the road

Perhaps a Parrot said...

Ha -- hi Lyne, welcome to the Bison Blog.