Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Why Not?

So I tried skate skiing once over the holidays. I liked it, even though I felt awkward and slow at times. I crashed within thirty seconds of putting on my skis -- I think I looked something like this:

After a few minutes, I was much more comfortable, and able to stay more-or-less upright (often thanks to the remarkable strength of my poles). By the end my first session, I'd reduced my awkwardly-flailing-to-save-my-balance to roughly one-tenth of the time.

Well, seeing as how I've always been a fan of Kicking out the Ladder, I've decided to start preparing for a ski race. I've got some friends who plan on skiing one or twice per week, and I've got a pair of skis I can borrow (right Alan?), so I'm just going for it. Methow Valley Community Trail 30k Freestyle Race, here I come!


LAV said...


come this weekend:

that's when I'll be there! There's a 1k, it's easy!

Eli said...

Don't encourage him, Laura. He's just trying to steal some of your blog traffic.

Perhaps a Parrot said...


Lav - while you might make those 1k races look easy, I'm not fooled.

Eli - blog is a nonsense word, and you know it.

xtine said...

I'm excited for the *apres* race party. : p