Sunday, September 12, 2010

So Many Things!

Good golly gee -- there are so many things to share.

First off, as you may have noticed, I've dialed back the blogging just a touch. It's officially my off season now, and with that comes a brief break from the blog. It feels strange being done racing while my friends are either racing right now or preparing to race more. Just because I'm not in these races doesn't mean you shouldn't still follow along!


The HB team is out in Souderton, PA, racing the mighty mighty Univest Grand Prix. I'm sure you'll all remember Souderton, and their impressive array of Pensylvania Dutch desserts -- I know I do. However, be warned: it's humanly impossible to have a single slice of shoo-fly-pie. My hat is off to my teammate Spencer for finishing inside the top 20. Way to close out the season guys!

The Exergy boys are racing the Tour of Bulgaria. I have no idea where to find results, but according to their facebook pages, they are hitting up some long days in the saddle, and Andres is kicking ass (as per usual).

Some of my buddies on the Yahoo cycling team are gearing up for the Tour of Trinidad and Tobago -- which to be perfectly honest, sounds a lot more like partying on the beach than it does bike racing. However, I'm extremely jealous -- schedule just didn't fit for me this year fellas -- NEXT YEAR I'M IN!

And lastly, just about every pro I know is gearing up for the US Pro National Championships, held in Greenville, SC. It's somewhat cruel to have pro nats so late in the year (they're all really tired at this point, ok?), but cruelty courses through the veins of bike promoters like blood. That's right....pure cruelty.


Right now, I'm out in Pratt, Kansas, visiting my mother. I've been doing some house chores and helping with minor construction projects (who, other than a loving son, would agree to hang insulation in an attic in 95 degree heat?). It hasn't been all work, however -- I watched a volleyball game! The Pratt Community College [vicious fighting] Beavers hosted the [equally vicious fighting] Dodge Conquistadors. The game went right down to the wire, and the home team narrowly pulled out a victory. GO BEAVS!!!


Let's see, what else? Oh -- my uncle is competing in an IRONMAN triathlon today! He's been a triathlete for the past 30 years, and has finished hundreds of races, but he's never attempted this distance. He's absolutely killing it! I'm tracking his progress right now, and he's sitting in 6th in his age group -- ALMOST QUALIFYING FOR KONA! You can read about my uncle's progress towards his Ironman dreams on his training blog. GO UNCLE RICH!


 Lastly, in celebration of the above mentioned off season, I cranked out another batch of the ol' Sam Johnson Special. Here, feast those hungry eyes:


Oh, and Master Fezziwig and Cosette also enjoyed a splendid breakfast.

Meanwhile, our cat Stimpy (otherwise known as Wimpy, Blimpy, or Stinky) sat around.

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