Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Election Season!

This is just a reminder to all my readers to please vote in this year's mid-term elections. We're extremely lucky in this country to have access to (mostly) fair elections. I hate to see my candidates lose, but when they do, I usually accept the results as valid. Whatever you believe, don't squander the privilege!

Politics don't drift into my blog too often. I try to keep my blog light and entertaining -- and if that's all you're after, you might want to stop reading. However, I do occasionally feel the need to express how I feel, and this is one of those occasions. I promise to be really funny in my next post, ok?

This mid-term election is extremely important -- which way will the country go? Will democrats lose their majorities in the house or senate, thus causing any progress made during the last two years to grind to a halt? Will the Tea Party candidates, many of whom scare the crap out of me with their intolerance and ignorance, win a seat at the table? I friggin' hope not.

While I'm certainly not thrilled with everything the Obama administration has done so far, I'm not ready to give up on it. I tend to agree with Bob Cesca, a blogger whose progressive ideals don't cloud his understanding of what is practical or possible in Washington. Bob feels that, despite it's imperfections, this administration deserves credit for getting anything done at all, considering the current climate of hostility and obstructionism. Yes, at times the administration made compromises, or broke promises issued during the campaign -- but unfortunately that's the nature of governing in our democracy. After working so hard to get him elected, part of me expected Obama to simply wave a magic wand at our nation's problems, and solve them overnight. However, I feel the spirit of the administration remains consistent with the sprit of the man I campaigned for. Steps have been taken in the right direction on so many of the issues I find important. Ending the war. Protecting the environment. Expanding civil rights. Regulating Wall Street. Reforming health insurance, and much more. Could things be better? Of course! Should we continue to remind Obama of where he's failing to live up to his campaign promises? Absolutely! But do I think we'd be better off with an unflinching progressive in the Whitehouse who prefers total gridlock? Certainly not!


Now back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

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