Thursday, October 28, 2010

In Which Krogg Returns to Seattle, Resumes Training, and Suffers a Mild Shock to the System

Wow. Krogg back. Whirlwind off-season come to close. Krogg finished with trip to Las Vegas for Interbike. Krogg finished with meditation course in Idaho. And Krogg finished galavanting around East Coast. Now Krogg back in Seattle. Krogg reunited with trusty Ridley training bike. In fact, Krogg even try his hand at going on training ride. Whoah! Krogg forget how training ride feel after long off season. Good thing races don't start for loooooong time, because Krogg need some runway before he ready for takeoff. Krogg legs already tired -- after two days of training!

For now, Krogg excited about getting back to basics. Living in Seattle. Riding in the rain. Spending time at Cycle U on the trainer, re-working my pedal-stroke. Selling un-needed gear so I can pay bills. These things make Krogg happy -- Krogg ready to get nose back to grindstone.

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