Thursday, April 26, 2012

Onward to Joe Martin

So Sea Otter was a mixed bag, success, podium time, and a victory mixed with some frustration, crashes, and the knowledge that we could have done better. Podiuminsight did a great job covering the story, so if you're hungry for race details or photos, go there. 

But before we could wallow in our dissatisfaction, the whirlwind that is professional bicycle racing scooped us up, and dropped us off a thousand miles away in Fayetteville, AK for the start of the Joe Martin Stage Race. Our Tuesday was spent bounding from one airport to another (to another and finally, to another), and yesterday got the chance to preview some of the courses. Here's Arkansas. It's verdant: 

Things I don't like: 

1: Having a sore shoulder from when I crashed last Friday. I subluxed it for the first time, and it's been stiffer than an old oak tree. 

2: Seeing people I like too stressed out. Our mechanic Josh had to drive the team car from Monterey to Tulsa, and then get straight to work. TODAY I RIDE FOR JOSH!

3: Losing my Garmin. It broke off in my crash, and I didn't have time to look for it. It has my name on it -- maybe it'll turn up?!

4: Spending an entire day in airports and hotels. 

5: Leaving my wallet in the taxi from the Tulsa airport to the Tulsa Motel 6.

Things I do like: 

1: Going to another race. Another race, another set of chances. 

2: Creating satisfying pieces of art/writing. 

3: FINDING my wallet after leaving it in the taxi we took from the airport last night. It was pure cosmic coincidence that I took the driver's card and could call him to arrange a meet-up. Thank you, universe. 

4: Getting a massage every day. Never gets old. 

5: Symmetry. I was satisfied with four things I like, but clearly not.

The first rider is off at 1 pm, and I start at 1:39:30 (central time).

Time to ride the wind! 

Also, I need to give a special shout out to the sleeping skills of my teammate Logan Loader. Here he is showing off his stuff: 

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Mary Topping said...

great post Sam. Good luck in Arkansas. Hope the shoulder loosens up.