Friday, April 27, 2012

Strange and Strangers

There's something in the air -- something strange. If you don't believe me, just watch this video:

(I've heard this song dozens of times, but had no idea the music video was so delightfully bizarre. Thanks Matt Jumago for sharing.)

See what I mean? Strange indeed.

Now look at this! I don't even know what I'm looking at!

It appears to be some kind of wind-powered mythological beast, born to roam the desolate beaches and breezy plains of another planet, animate and mobile yet not quite conscious, like a giant virus mixed with a herd of antelopes mixed with a captainless four-masted clipper, merely reacting to its stimuli in an ever-forward trudge towards the horizon. Where there is wind, this creature breathes. Where there is calm, it becomes merely a pile of of balsa wood clockwork and garbage bags. Thank you, wind sculpture, for you have given my dreams nutritious fodder for tonight.

Today we race 110 miles. It shall be hard, and hot, and hilly. Morgan is 10 seconds out of the lead. I predict four and a half hours of chess match, followed by an absolute murderfest into the finish. The final kilometer includes three sharp corners and a couple short nasty climbs, making the winner a worthy champion indeed.

Here's the course map.

Good day everyone -- happy Friday.


Steve Taylor said...

Race well, make people suffer.

veryrustybrown said...