Saturday, April 28, 2012

People Who Get Good

There are a limited number of hours in each day, and a limited number of days in each life. The vastness of human knowledge is such that we can't do everything; we must choose our foci. Some of us are granted more bandwidth than others, yet all of us are limited. Clearly I have chosen to devote a substantial portion of my time and energy to the pursuit of bicycle racing. The returns on this investment have been ten-fold, and I'm completely satisfied with where my hard work and commitment have taken me -- but I can't help but wonder: what if I'd followed something else with equal (or even greater) vigor? What if, instead of pedaling bikes for all those hours, I'd practiced cello-boxing? I still wouldn't be as good as this guy:

To any and all who dedicate themselves to getting really really good at something, thank you.

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