Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Real Humdinger


It is the object of this blog post to alert the public that the stretch of road to the South and and to the East of the township of Aspen, Colorado, commonly known as Independence Pass, has dealt tremendous harm to both my person and my mind. While several lesser offences have accumulated throughout the previous year, today marked an insult so grievous it is my civic duty to pronounce it a scoundrel and a brute! 'Twas not but six miles from the beginning of the race that the hostilities commenced: pain of legs, shortness of breath, fire of crotch, dizziness of mind, questioning of self worth, and hatred of Jens Voigt -- I suffered all of these and more! An honorable road Independence Pass is not! Upon my arrival at the summit, I found myself near twenty minutes abaft, a discovery as shocking as 'twas demoralizing. I place the full weight of my decision to abandon the race squarely upon the shoulders of that loathsome road.

Independence Pass, from hence forth, we are enemies. 

Despisingly yours, 

Sam Johnson
August twenty-third, two-thousand and twelve
Beaver Creek, Colorado


bighorn said...

Hey Sam,

Enjoyed watching you beat Cadel over Independence Pass on Wednesday...awesome effort! Thanks for your great blog.

Mike and Season Martin

Nancy Wargo said...

How rude of Independence Pass, first it bullies its way into the race on two stages and then it treats you that way! That is no way to treat an invited guest. Thank you, Sam, for your blogs, your racing and your great attitude towards the fans that follow you (and follow you and follow you).

Nancy Wargo

Sam Johnson said...

Thanks a lot guys -- that means a lot. Have fun watching the final stage of today's race!