Monday, August 6, 2012

Utah Countdown

The Tour of Utah is about to blast-off. You can follow this race any which way you please: on your phone, on your computer, or on your television. Here's a wonderful guide to all the ways you can stay tuned, courtesy of Podium Insight:

Now then, on to host pets. I love host pets, even the drab ones. No vet bills, no house-breaking -- just a lot of playtime (the same is usually true for host children). Last week down in Lehi, we had the distinct pleasure of staying with some really great host pets. There was a very sweet (and tolerant) dog named Tango, a rambunctious puppy named Wookie, and a Siamese cat who's name I forget. I'm pretty sure the cat was the smartest creature in the house (humans included). In fact, the cat might have been the smartest creature if the universe -- if not the omnipotent, all-knowing creator of the universe himself. If, upon my death, my soul was welcomed into heaven by this very cat, I wouldn't be too surprised. So, in honor of the wonderful host pets we enjoyed in Lehi, I made this video:

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