Friday, July 11, 2008

Well So Much For That Idea....

So I'm starting off this TT, right? And I wants to do well in it, see? So I start pedaling, and before long I'm catching my 30 second man, got it? So I pass this guy, he was a Rubicon fella -- which was to be expected (he was on a road bike after all) -- and I'm feeling good about myself, right? But then a few seconds later, I hear the tenacious little guy trying to pass me back, and I thinks to myself "silly goose, when you've been passed, it's not going to help you to try to pass the guy back -- you're just going to blow up!" AND THEN I REALIZED I WAS GETTING PASSED!!!! This guy friggin' passed me!!!

For the first time this season, I got passed in a TT. Let's just hope to high heaven he set a good time.

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