Saturday, February 28, 2009

So Back to Bikes....

So here's a little update about my cycling life:

I've been training hard since I've been back in the United States. Things are looking good, but I guess it's true what they say: you really can't take five months away from serious training without some consequences. Yes, I did some wonderful things in my off season: I wandered the desert and marveled at the madness that is Burningman, I helped elect the leader of the free world, and I explored Mexico and Central America on the magic school bus. What I did not do was pedal a bike very much. 
So now here I am, living in Seattle, trying to get back into shape. It has not been easy. As long time followers of this blog will know, this time last year, I was red hot -- not exactly a surprise seeing how I got serious about my training in November. You'll also recall that my last two months of racing were pretty much a wash -- my legs just stopped putting out the watts! This year, I find myself in what for me is somewhat uncharted territory: I'm behind the curve. Last year, I was bashing heads all spring; now I'm the one getting dropped on the rollers, wondering how on earth those guys got so goddam fast. I'm fully confident I'll get there eventually -- my fitness has been coming back in a hurry -- but for now, I gotta just roll with the punches. It's time to pay the tab for my fabulous (and lengthy) off-season. 

Racing in Washington starts next weekend (for me at least -- some guys, like my teammate Adrian, already have two wins under their belts. Mad props Adrian). I'm thinking this spring I'll sitting-in more, working for my teammates more, and swingin' the battle axe less. 
So long as I have a fast July, that's A-okay.

Krogg agree. 

This Is Why He's Our President

(and why our president's current approval rating is near 70%.)

Monday, February 23, 2009

25 Random Things ***OH BOY!!!!***

Oh gosh, here we go -- as anyone who is on Facebook must know by now, there's a viral "25 random things" deal going around, and it's more contagious than the flu. The premise is simple: write 25 zany little pieces of trivia about yourself; try to be cute and clever; try not to sound trite or self-absorbed; then tag 25 of your friends on the note, thus inspiring them to read about how cute and clever and zany you are, while at the same time giving them an excuse to write their own set of 25 random things without seeming trite or self-absorbed!!! It's the internet folks, and everyone's famous.

I've held out for long enough -- I've been tagged by no less than FOUR people in their "25 random things" posts. Since SO MANY people clearly want to know 25 random things about me, I have no choice but to appease the curious crowd. It's time. But, in typical GliderBison style, I also have no choice but to differ to my good friend (and caveman alter-ego) Krogg. Take it away Krogg:

Krogg predict it rather difficult to write 25 random things -- not only because Krogg can't count that high, but also because Krogg boring caveman. Him lead boring caveman life. Krogg loath randomness. Krogg prefer lower number, perhaps two, random things. But that don't mean that Krogg won't try. Here Krogg's try:

1: One time, when Krogg exploring nearby woods, Krogg discover single giant elk antler. Krogg only six years old, so elk antler seems like especially good thing to stumble across whilst traipsing through woods. Krogg try to fashion exquisite headdress out of elk antler, but eventually give up, realizing that one-antlered headdress look dumb. Krogg bitter that stupid elk didn't leave both stupid antlers at same spot. Krogg imagine one-antlered elk look even dumber than one-antlered headdress.

2: Krogg able to catch flying mosquito with bare hands. Krogg opposed to death penalty, but thoughtlessly smites captured mosquitoes. Krogg plagued by this suspected moral contradiction.

3: Krogg guilty as charged: Krogg sometimes lick plates clean with tongue, even at dinner table, especially if covered in chocolate sauce.

4: Krogg jealous of the life led by squirrels -- pretty sure squirrel scene in The Sword and the Stone partly responsible. Krogg still have crush on cute girl squirrel, and completely agree with Merlin: love greater force than gravity. Krogg filled many videotapes with squirrel footage in college; roommate initially amused, eventually perturbed.

5: Not unlike Krogg's sister, Krogg bite fingernails. Krogg convinced this behavior is genetic.

6: Krogg fail to watch single Oscar nominated movie except Dark Knight. Nevertheless, Krogg still indigent Benjamin Button won so much, which causes Krogg to question man's ability to have truly unique thoughts.

7: Krogg already bored of writing 25 random things. Not good sign.

8: Krogg have crazy dream last night -- Krogg was Harry Potter. Krogg (as Harry) was chased all around magical woods by students and faculty of Hogwarts. Krogg (as Harry) hid from students and faculty; wanted to use magic but couldn't remember single goddam spell to save his life. Krogg pretty sure dream is metaphor for climate change.

9: Krogg's first kiss was with actress during rehearsal for school play. Director had to walk Krogg through kiss beforehand, step-by-step: "so your lips are going to meet her lips like this," director explained,
her left hand puckering up and gently kissing her right. Krogg horrified. Co-star (high school senior with great deal of kissing experience) unenthused. Play ultimately successful.

10: Dimes confuse and anger Krogg -- why you so small dimes?! Smaller than pennies? Pennies worthless. Krogg no understand! Why dimes, why? [See? Krogg cute, clever and zany caveman!]

11: Krogg recently received traffic ticket for performing perfectly legal right hand turn while light was red. Secret surveillance camera spotted Krogg, and Krogg received ticket in mail for violating Seattle Municipal Code 11.50.150 (Red Arrow Violation). Krogg returned to scene of "crime" and found neither red arrow, nor sign suggesting right hand turn was not allowed during red light. You're goddam right Krogg will contest that ticket. Krogg convinced traffic surveillance cameras are bad idea for mankind, and eventually robots will rule the world.

12: Krogg fear robots.

13: Krogg also love robots. Krogg suspicious this "loving what will one day surely destroy you" phenomenon also genetic. Or robots just blow Krogg's mind nearly every day.

14: Cavemen can't count past 14. Plus now Krogg really bored.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Things I Like

Here are some things I like:


I like how David Byrne has been popping up everywhere! Here he is on a track with the Dirty Projectors -- killer song: catchy and mesmerizing. There he goes on a collaboration with Dizzee Rascal and Fatboy Slim in a bizarre band called the Bright Port Authority.
Hilarious no?
He's a cyclist, and that's sweet. He's designed and built bike racks in New York, he's been a major proponent of cycling legislation, and supposedly he's coming out with a book this year called Cycling Diaries about his experiences cycling around various cities around the world.
Here's his recent compilation with Chali 2na, Gift of the Gab, and Z-Trip.

I also like how Antony, from Antony and the Johnsons is lending his warbling voice to many a fortunate artist or group. Here he is with Hercules and Love Affair in a track called Blind.

This video rocks. It's my favorite song from Hercules and Love Affair -- there's something so dirty about it. I'm not sure exactly what's going on here, but I'm pretty sure it's very perverted, and very hot. Here's another one with them called You Belong:

Here he is with Bjork (who, in my book, if you're doing a Bjork collaboration, you're "made it.")


Know what else I like, but am somewhat ashamed to admit it [I'm going to do so here for therapeutic reasons]? I like the Fox TV show So You Think You Can Dance, and I'm PUMPED for season 5. This show is so legit -- compared to other flim-flam dance shows (Dancing With The Stars, or America's Next Top Dance Crew for example) -- it's so legit. For those who aren't familiar, here's how it works:

Anyone can audition. [Note: there is an audition in Seattle on March 28th and I've been practicin' my steps] The show gives 200 dancers a trip to LA to see who's got what it takes to make the top 20. Once they've whittled it down, the top 20 are paired up and asked to dance with a random partner, and in a random style each week. The judges and audience gradually eliminate the weakest dancers until a single winner is determined. The cool part is that the dancers are all extremely good, but come from wildly different dance backgrounds. Some of them are trained ballerinas, others come from a ballroom background, and some are completely untrained street dancers. It's so much fun to watch the B-Boys struggle to maintain their ballroom frame, and the ballerinas pop and lock worse than a snake dancing to Yanni (??--I dunno -- snakes really can't pop and lock, and Yanni is really hard to pop and lock to). It's like if Step Up 2 The Streets and Strictly Ballroom had a baby, and then Center Stage and a Save the Last Dance also had a baby, and then those two somehow met eachother and FUCKED and also had a baby -- ONLY BETTER 'CUZ IT'S REAL!!!

Betcha didn't know I'm a closet dance fan -- well the secret's out.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


There's nothing more fun than getting new cycling clothing. It's new, it looks great, and....well it's new! Here's a few shots of the newness (thanks to Chris Wingfield, my teammate who's down in Tucson training up a storm. Follow his adventures -- or misadventures as the case may be -- on his blog):

Here's a link to Chris' photo gallery.


Tom Peterson! Tom Peterson! Tom Peterson!


This kid was on Broadmark Cycling Team (what is now Hagens Berman), the year before I joined. He is so talented, and is showing his mettle on the big stage. TAKE THAT LEVI LEIPHEIMER!


Tom's been in the big leagues a little longer than the Lil' Monster, but Kiel looks like he's doing just fine -- finishing them tough stages in respectable groups. GO KIEL!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Amgen Tour of BLAH BLAH -- GO KIEL!

This year's Tour of California is different. In years past, I've known guys who are in the race. Some of them I've known quite well. Last year when Scott Nydam won the climbers jersey, or when Tom Zirbel nearly won stage 7, I was so psyched for them! I remember Scott and Tom from the early days of their racing, back in 2005 when they lived in Colorado and raced for Sports Garage. They would drive south and poach New Mexico races. I'll never forget that time I TOTALLY CRUSHED SCOTT in a 5-up sprint in the Tres Piedras to Tierra Amarilla road race (66 miles, 7,570' of climbing, average elevation: 9,500') -- BET THAT ONE STILL STINGS A BIT, EH SCOTTY???

But I digress.

I know Scott, and I'm really happy for his success, but he's always been more or less of a acquaintence (albeit a good one) than a friend.

Kiel Reijnen on the other hand, is a friend. Two years ago, Kiel was my teammate, slugging it out with us in the amateur ranks on Hagens Berman. Last year he made a lateral step to Waste Management cycling team, but he improved dramatically, and earned himself a spot on the Jelly Belly pro cycling team before the year was out. Now Kiel is out there in California, rubbing elbows with Lance Armstrong. He'll be time trialing against world TT champs Michael Rogers, and Fabian Cancellara. He'll be trying to lead out Brad Huff against the world's best sprinters, guys like Tom Boonen, Oscar Freire, and Mark Cavendish. He'll be fighting for wheels with Oscar Sevilla, Floyd Landis, Francisco Macebo, Tyler Hamilton, and ALLLLLLLLL those other convicted dopers back in the sport, racing on domestic teams (instead of new young guys like me!).
Kiel, I salute you, and I wish you a fantastic Tour of California. Congratulations Little Monster.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Remembering The Petting Zoo

Before the dust from my TEMA trip settles completely, let's take a look at some of the crazy animals at the petting zoo in Oaxaca.

Also, here is the cabana I framed while I was there. I did this almost single-handedly in two days. Eventually it will be part of a much larger volunteer compound, and will look like the completed structure to the left of the picture.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Do This. It Feels Good

I just did this. It was easy. It felt good. You should do it too. Thanks to my main man Bob Cesca.
Here's the gist:

Phone numbers for your senators here. Phone numbers for your congress member here.

The message:

"The Republicans have zero credibility on the economy."

Paraphrase President Obama:

"Please reject the Republican theories that got us into this mess in the first place."

Feel free to toss in the following:

"Make the Republicans stand and filibuster if they want to filibuster. No cloture votes!

Don't get into specific details of the bill. Our message needs to be consistent and unified: Zero Cred. The Republicans have zero credibility. We reject their ideas and we reject their theories.

Let's do this.