Monday, March 9, 2009

Wind Tunnel

Thanks to Swedish Sports Performance Services, and to the University of Washington Low-Speed Wind Tunnel.


Matt Weyen said...

one thing glaringly sticks out as needing improvement.
if you look at
you'll see that you have a hump in your back. If you raise your bars at least a couple centimeters and then put a visor on your helmet, you can look up through the tops of your eye sockets while maintaining a level/flat back. It would dramatically improve your power and probably drop drag a little, as long as you can keep your head down (visor is required to do that).

Matt Weyen said...

Also, you "may" benefit from very slightly wider pad spacing (1cm total further apart). It would improve stability which would reduce how many back muscles get incorporated, thus increasing their ability to help you breathe. Some people are minimally affected drag wise by going a little wider where as others are affected a lot. If you have a chance to hit the tunnel again, that'd be the second most important thing I'd suggest (see previous comment for the 1st).

Anonymous said...

That's hott.

Gliderbison said...

Thanks for the tips Matt.

Anonymous said...

Or you could ride your bike 6 hours a day.
That said. I'm a big fan. keep up the good work. And tell Lang to throw away his Birkenstocks.