Monday, August 24, 2009


Ok, so I'm not dead -- let's first get that out of the way. I know I haven't really blogged in two months, that I pretty much stopped without warning and left you shivering in the cold of my absence. How unfair! I don't know what to say. I suppose I suffered from what I'll call a "broad spectrum burnout," among which Blogging was one of the things that fell by the wayside. No matter -- things have settled down considerably, and my burnout daemons, while not completely vanquished, have at least been momentarily subdued. 
I do plan on posting something about what exactly happened while I was "away," but not yet. For now I'll just give you a sneak peak at the last little chunk of my racing season (yes, it's still racing season believe it or not). 

August 28th: track racing among the Cat 3's at the Marymoor velodrome. LOOK OUT CAT 3's!! YOU'RE IN FOR IT NOW. 

August 29th: LWV circuit race #3. Last year, I had my ups and downs with the LWV circuit race series to be sure. I won the first race, won the second race, got disqualified from the second race, and then didn't do diddle in the third race. This year I'm not in the series at all at this point, so I'll be riding for my teammates. YES I'LL REMEMBER TO REGISTER THIS TIME, OK? 

September 4th-7th: Green Mountain Stage Race. This 4-day stage race in the heart of the Green Mountains in Vermont is supposedly a heck of a good time. Adrian and I are the only Hagens cat 1's going, but there will be several other guys in the 2's race, as well as some other non-Hagens teammates. The race is hard, but should suit us well. I look forward to kicking-back after the stages with a bottle of beer, and my legs soaking in the river near our homestay cabin. 

September 11th-13th: Univest Grand Prix. This is the last, and biggest race of the year, possibly the biggest race I'll have ever done. This thing is cool: it's a UCI race, so the field isn't just your average bunch of domestic pros, there are teams from around the world hunting UCI points. It will be on live national television on Universal sports. The race is composed of a TTT and a hard, long, road race, with an unattached crit. Here goes nothing. 

September 14th-18th: Go backpacking in the high Eastern Sierra mountains to mark the close of my season. Boo yeah. 

Ok. I gotta run. Thar she blows. 

Oh, and lastly, I gotta say, I love KXCD. This comic is both really funny, and completely accurate. 

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