Saturday, March 20, 2010

SDSR #2: In Which Things Things Become Decidedly Less Cool.

Krogg have mechanical. Motherfucker. Wheel problem end Krogg's race. Krogg change wheel but have to chase. Caveman chase good, but never make it back to field, and merciless 5% time cut end Krogg's day. Krogg suddenly feel tricked! Krogg in San Dimas, home of Bill and Ted, but this not Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure -- this Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey! OH NO! Aside from feeling very tired, Krogg mostly feel like he wasted his time today: spend all this time training, travel all this way, prepare so much -- all to have stage race come to unnecessary and premature end due to mechanical problem. Bogus indeed. 

On better note, Krogg pleased to see teammates have good race. Soren finish in front group. Spencer in 2nd group. Good rides for these cavemen. 

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