Monday, September 27, 2010

Meditate on This!

For the next ten days, I'm going to be taking a course in Vipassana meditation outside Sun Valley, Idaho. I'm slightly nervous about what I'm getting myself into -- ten days of not talking and sitting still sounds pretty challenging. To date, I think the longest I've remained both silent and still was for roughly two hours and forty minutes. I was sleeping at the time, and this happened over ten years ago, so "challenging" might be an understatement. Learn more about what I'm doing here. Needless to say, blogging is not allowed during meditation courses, so as much as I'd love to give you detailed, firsthand accounts of the changes taking place in my psyche, I can not do so. I will, however let you know how it went once I get back. Good night, and good luck.


Martin Criminale said...

Wow... from riding your brains out to sitting still. That's a big transition!

My wife did a long meditation retreat once and loved it, I hope you do too.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating! I hope you enjoy the experience.


Adrian Hegyvary said...

I think you meant to post this link: