Monday, October 18, 2010

My New York Trip Included Penguins

My trip to New York was unexpectedly amazing. The food! We ate such wondrous food!

Ukrainian food: "try Meat Plate -- it have all the best dumpling -- trust me you like," said through a thick accent.

Indian food: "here is some free dessert on the house -- thank you for bringing such good energy in here -- it's contagious."

Brunch: "would you like another bloody mary with your salmon scramble?" He says. "Why yes, thank you, yes I would," I reply.

Coffee: "just so you know, the Costa Rican costs eight dollars for a twelve ounce cup -- you still want that one?" she says. "Why no I hadn't realized that -- thanks for pointing that out. I suppose I'll have the much more reasonably priced Guatemalan," I reply.

Bagels: "we don't toast our bagels here -- that's no way to treat a bagel."

Soft pretzel: "mustard and napkins are at the end of the cart. Bathroom? Try playground in Central Park across street."

Martinis: "and how sweet would you like that cucumber gin martini -- on a scale of sweetness, with five being the sweetest, and one being the least sweet"

Martinis: "you want another cucumber gin martini? ok sure -- you stickin' with a four on sweetness? Oh, ok -- take that down to a three? Got it, coming right up."

I could spend thirty lifetimes eating my way through New York, and still never try all the amazing food.

Also, my New York trip included penguins. Real live ones. See?

My friend Gus is working on Mr. Popper's Penguins, a movie starring Jim Carrey and eight Gentoo penguins. We got to see the set, watch Jim shoot a scene of the movie, and play with some 'guins in their giant refrigerated habitat.

Also, my New York trip included my own personal Blue Man -- that's right, my friend Ryan is now a Blue Man. After performing for us, he joined us at the bar across the street and went galavanting off into the night with us like a knight on horseback. Here's Ryan (and us):

My New York trip came very close to making me a New Yorker.

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