Monday, August 29, 2011

That's All Folks

The USA Pro Cycling Challenge is over.
We had an after party last night at the Rio Grande (big Mexican joint, killer margaritas).
I always find it amusing watching cyclists drink alcohol -- so little can do so much!
And boy can things get sloppy quick.
But the night was delightful.
A lot of happy racers, and staff, and promoters, and sponsors.
And one very happy Sam Johnson.
But the party ended.
Carlos and Andres are headed back to Colombia.
Sebastian is headed back to Canada.
Freddy back to California.
Matt stays right here in Colorado.
The team vehicles, most of the staff, and yours truly are headed back to Boise.
I'll spend my day in the back of the van, reading my book and listening to music, and combing through all my amazing memories from this race.
SO...what next?
This season has legs!

To France!
I leave for Paris on the10th.
The race is called the Duo Normand, and it's a two-man team time trial.
So stay tuned GliderBison followers!

But for now: that's all folks.


clalexander said...

Hey buddy,

Sorry I missed you in Colorado, I need to check your awesome blog more often! I followed some of the race on tv this week and watched the final day in Denver. Best of luck in France!


Cosmic Collider said...

Wow, that's awesome Sam! First an amazing stage race in Colorado, now France! Keep us posted... and awesome that's it's a TT, I'm sure you are going to rock it, big time!

mdotdoc said...

Great job Sam. Very inspirational to watch you and the rest of the team crush it

Nancy said...

Congratulations to Exergy for a great USA Pro Cycling Challenge. What a great final day. Way to ride. Good luck in France Sam!

Mary Topping said...

Bonne chance en France, Sam. Vous me manquez, vous et vos coéquipiers! Vous vous reposez bien.

Geezer said...

I looked at the results going back a few years and your competing with pretty lofty companions. Or should I say they will be competing with a magnificent competitor. Who will be your partner. Looking forward to another incisive report.