Saturday, March 10, 2012



This week, on Monday from 5:30 onward to be precise (and you know how much I love precision), is the third annual Team Exergy presentation and community appreciation party, henceforth abbreviated as the TEPACAP. If you're anywhere near the state of Idaho (mentally or physically), I encourage you to attend. TEPACAP is free and open to the public. This party has it all:

  • Awesome photos from training camp taken by Hey Buckshot (the creative geniuses behind the mighty Manual for Speed). 
  • Larger-than-life banners of select Team Exergy racers (possibly including yours truly). 
  • Gorgeous video taken at training camp by Dave Christenson (the video director extraordinaire behind the Rapha Continental video series). 
  • A rollicking' performance by Poke, Boise's favorite country band. 
  • All the fancy gear: heaps of shiny, expensive carbon toys. Bikes, wheels, shoes, cranks, pedals, brakes, helmets, kits -- you name it, it'll all be you can pick it up and see how light it is. 
  • TONS OF SWAG -- we'll be throwing stuff into the crowd, and raffling off some choice goodies. The raffle is free, but you must be present to win!
  • The one and only Dave Towle, "the voice of American cycling," shall act as emcee. 
Doesn't TEPACAP sound like fun? (I suppose, to me, it also sounds like some type of especially virulent airborne disease, but I digress....)  

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Mary Topping said...

It does sound like fun. Imagine KROGG larger than life. Wow.