Friday, March 21, 2008

And The Pendulum Swings Back...

No less than 24 hours after I posted that whining blog entry about how everything in my life went to shit at once, the cosmos dramatically realigned, restoring justice and order to my personal universe. This reversal of fortune began in the morning when clear sunny skies greeted me instead of rain. My boss over at Sustainabuilt never called me in to work, allowing me the extra time I needed to finish building my bike. I was a few vital accessories away from finalizing my beautiful new steed, and decided to take a trip to the local bike shop to purchase the remaining items. Before leaving, I checked my bank account online and was greeted with -- WTF??? MORE MONEY THAN I HAD THE LAST TIME I CHECKED??? Apparently, Uncle Sam was kind enough to deposit my income tax return directly into my bank account. I was flabbergasted. I rode off to the bike shop confident that my debit card would not get denied.

For the record, my new bike feels amazing.

After my ride, I returned to the problem of my computer. The day before, I posted on the Barter section of the Boise Craigslist: MAC HELP NEEDED (will trade bicycle repair or carpentry). After a kind soul took interest in my offer, I was able to not only get my computer running again (sort of, not really), but more importantly, determine that for the next 55 days I am still covered by the previous owner's comprehensive AppleCare protection plan. Provided I get my computer to the doctor within the next 6 weeks, they should be taking good care of me.

As for my truck, I did need to pay for the repair, but I was relieved to find that the total bill was at the low end of the mechanic's estimate. He told me it would be between $250 and $300, and it ended up being $264. Not bad. The clunk I used to feel in my drivetrain has been replaced with silky smooth power transfer. Hopefully, my truck is now ready for another summer of getting me to and from the races.

This sudden swing in my luck so soon after my blog post has lead me to draw the following conclusion: the gods of karma and fortune are reading my blog. You're in good company dear readers -- good company indeed.

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