Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Au Revoir Sustainabuilt

Yesterday I had my last day of "work" over at Sustainabuilt. I use quotations because I didn't do any carpentry, I mainly showed up to say my goodbyes and to file the lawyer tabs off my new fork with a metal file. Brad and I arrived at the shop at the same time -- I was on my way to running more pre-departure errands, while Brad returned with a (hopefully) fixed piece of the table saw that wasn't cutting straight. We ogled my new bike, joked about my upcoming life as a bicycle nomad, thanked each other for the help, shook hands, and said goodbye.

Working for Sustainabuilt over the last few months has been truly wonderful. I was able to earn enough money to stay afloat (despite training full time), learn a new skill, and make a friend -- all doing something I feel good about. Green building is here to stay folks, and being part of that revolution in building practices was satisfying and rewarding. My deepest thanks to Brad for the work, the flexibility with my hours, and the willingness to hire me. And thanks for the countless cups of coffee, without which, I would have gotten drowsy and chopped my fingers for sure. I wish you and your company the best of luck.

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