Sunday, April 13, 2008

Boat Street...

I raced the Boat Street crit today. I've done this one several times before (back in my collegiate years) and have always had fun. After a sublime, summery day yesterday, things were back to business as usual for Seattle, with lots of cold, gloomy rain. There weren't many racers, (Seattle, oddly enough, is full of fair weather racers), but there was a strong field of roughly 40 of us, including some Idaho boys I know. I didn't finish well today, but I raced hard, and did a lot of good work for the team. Ultimately, things didn't go our way, but we came close. Aside from winning two primes, the highlight of my race was immediately after I was done, when a large amount of stale, yellow sinus fluid drained out of my nose, right in front of my long time friend (and former Whitman team mate) Ian Gallaher.

I also feel obligated to share this photo of Alan Klug, a member of our cat 3 team, showing us all (in step-by-step form) how to "overcook" a corner. I believe Alan's body is fine, but his pride might be a bit bruised.

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