Saturday, May 31, 2008

UNLEASH THE COWS (and donkeys) OF HELL!!!

Today while warming up for the Mutual of Enumclaw Points Omnium and Three Ring Circus, I encountered these horrifying beasts:
What could I do but flee in abject horror from their terrible fangs [obscured in this photo by their woolly coats], their terrible claws [obscured in this photo by the grass], and their EXTREMELY terrible horns [normally found with pieces of man-flesh adorning the tips, not unlike marshmallows on a roasting stick]. Look at me flee:
Speaking of abomination of nature, this encounter reminds me of another phenomenon so perverse it usually isn't found outside the gates of hell: donkey basketball. The fact that this heinous activity has garnered the attention of the mainstream media is more than appalling. See for yourself:
2-Year-Old Donkey Called Up To Pro Donkey Basketball League

In other news, I placed 6th in today's time trial. Not bad, but one place worse than I placed in last year's race. It's a points omnium, so nothing matters but the placings. Hopefully this darn rain will give it a rest for tonight's crit. So I can win.


Mara said...

dear sam. Aren't those yaks?

Anonymous said...

thank heavens for johnny 'corncobb' bennett.