Thursday, January 26, 2012


Oh man. Today is a buffalo day. I'm thrilled my findings in the wide world of buffalo, and I simply must share. First off, prepare to be whisked away to the magical land of Guy on a Buffalo. It's a four part musical that make me want to laugh and cry and sing and dance (but mostly just ass off!). Here is the entire series -- trust me, it's eight minutes of your life well spent:

Next, I found that the following sentence is actually recognized by the English language as grammatically valid: "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo."

If you're like me, you'll probably need to go to the Wikipedia page about this sentence to help comprehend how the hell our language let this happen, but shit howdy -- LOOK AT THAT SENTENCE! It's so simple, so gorgeous! I'm considering starting a language called (you guessed it): Buffalo. The entire vocabulary shall consist of the words buffalo and Buffalo, and yet it will be capable of expressing the most complicated thoughts yet thunk by mankind. Who's with me?!


Richard McClung said...

I'm with you...I like how the Wikepedia explanation gives photos as if to demonstrate how the sentence would happen.

Tony V said...

My assistant and good friend Nic and I both watched the epic Guy on a Buffalo series over the past couple of days! Then I come to your blog... and there it is! Great minds to indeed think both alike and different!

Time for Camp, Sam! Hope it's awesome for you! Hey, how do I hit up those Exergy dudes to sponsor a Ski to Sea team? Ha! Small dollar commitment, big time fun and advertising for them!

Anonymous said...

I wish the guy riding a buffalo skit was turned into a movie or maybe a TV mini series. If I were rich I'd bankroll that for sure. I already feel a deep connection with all the characters, especially the raccoon chef.