Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Gosh oh gosh oh gosh. Have you ever heard the phrase: time flies when you're having fun? Well that's usually true, and my past two weeks are perfect examples of this phenomenon. What you haven't heard is this: blogs lie fallow when you're having fun. I just made that up, and I agree it isn't very catchy (because it isn't always true), but once again, I shall point out that THIS IS MY BLOG AND MY BLOG MY RULES -- so my rule stands. For now. Anyway, I took myself on a little truck-based adventure throughout the Pacific Northwest, and wow, what a doosie of a time! Portland and Seattle are marvelous places, but I simply couldn't be bothered to blog about it while I was out there. Plus I found the idea of a trip in which I didn't once crack open my laptop rather appealing. However, that does leave me in a little bit of a blog hole to dig myself out of, so without further ado, I present the top five youtube videos...of...the...um....afternoon!

Cutest Video (it's almost too cute...like grossly cute...puke):

Best Red-Headed Singer:

Best Sounds Issued From a Man With A Mullett:

Biggest Numb-Nuts (possibly ever):

Best Rube-Goldberg (points for the use of rodent):


IAN! said...

the kid in the back of Tom Selleck con mullet whistling was clearly the real source of the sound. VentrilloSelleck. Once again, you have made my day. Rubegoldbergmania!

Mary Topping said...

Glad you're back,Sam. Fun is good, sick isn't -- glad you are better, and the Bison is back, and the truck lives!