Thursday, January 26, 2012

Giant Squid Project, Burning Man 2012

Here are a collection of photos and videos of the giant squid puppet I made in 2012. I was inspired to create the cephalopod in the spring of 2012, and had a working version ready by Esthetic Evolution at the end of June. Field testing the squid at Esthetic was very helpful -- I was able to refine the design and improve the materials.

Here's some photos:
The Squid's maiden voyage at Esthetic Evolution
Another Esthetic Evolution shot

The Squid at Opulent Temple 

The Squid with Idaho's CORE project and The Man in the background.
Another shot a the Burn

The Squid attacking a large boat at the Burn.
I made several hundred squid necklaces and gave them away as gifts on the Playa. 

Here's a video of the squid making its way right to the front of the Opulent Temple:

Here's a video of the squid at Esthetic Evolution, a small festival outside Boise, Idaho:


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