Saturday, February 28, 2009

So Back to Bikes....

So here's a little update about my cycling life:

I've been training hard since I've been back in the United States. Things are looking good, but I guess it's true what they say: you really can't take five months away from serious training without some consequences. Yes, I did some wonderful things in my off season: I wandered the desert and marveled at the madness that is Burningman, I helped elect the leader of the free world, and I explored Mexico and Central America on the magic school bus. What I did not do was pedal a bike very much. 
So now here I am, living in Seattle, trying to get back into shape. It has not been easy. As long time followers of this blog will know, this time last year, I was red hot -- not exactly a surprise seeing how I got serious about my training in November. You'll also recall that my last two months of racing were pretty much a wash -- my legs just stopped putting out the watts! This year, I find myself in what for me is somewhat uncharted territory: I'm behind the curve. Last year, I was bashing heads all spring; now I'm the one getting dropped on the rollers, wondering how on earth those guys got so goddam fast. I'm fully confident I'll get there eventually -- my fitness has been coming back in a hurry -- but for now, I gotta just roll with the punches. It's time to pay the tab for my fabulous (and lengthy) off-season. 

Racing in Washington starts next weekend (for me at least -- some guys, like my teammate Adrian, already have two wins under their belts. Mad props Adrian). I'm thinking this spring I'll sitting-in more, working for my teammates more, and swingin' the battle axe less. 
So long as I have a fast July, that's A-okay.

Krogg agree. 

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